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De Blanket

Well, working on the blanket took a bit more time than I thought, it was a busy weekend. I think it was appropriate that I finished this beautiful baby blanket on Mother’s Day. Many thanks to pdxknitterati for her wonderful mitered square pattern (and catching the error that I made in making the square larger)  that we used for this beautiful blanket.


We had the following knitters on this project:

Emily, Tallahassee FL
Jane, Martinsburg WV
Gwendolina Champaign IL
Joanie, Mahtomedi MN
Jen, Petaluma CA
Kristy, New Haven, CT
Brenda, New Haven, CT
Marci, Silver Spring MD
Donna, New York NY
Pearl, Shelton WA
and me.

The edging looks like this:


It’s a garter stitch edging from the first Mason-Dixon Knitting book, and worked on each of the four sides, then sewn together to lovely points.

I think there is just one problem with the blanket:


The kitties have fallen in love with it, and I’m not sure I can sneak it out to mail it:


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It’s just beautiful! Thanks for your diligent seaming-up work and for organizing this blanket. It was my first community knitting project (I’ve been knitting six years and this was my first…kind of sad) and you helped make it a great experience. I’m proud to be sending a little part of me round the world with little parts of ya’ll, to keep a far away wee one cozy and warm.

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