Knitting Events

Countdown for Stitches


  • registration forms in case they can’t find me in the computer – check
  • reservation at hotel with free wifi and breakfast – check
  • yarn and needles needed for classes (two skeins of Cascade 220, and a third pair of No 5 dpns) – check
  • Erinn’s lovely map printed out – check
  • Budget for Markletplace – check
  • inspired by Brenda’s Cast-on episode to take some risks in purchases this year- check
  • Kiri Shawl ready to wear and show to the amazing Alison Hyde

To be completed:

  • Homework for the Melissa Leapman class (partway through)
  • buying snacks and meal stuff for the weekend
  • creating map from Convention Ctr to hotel
  • writing down where folks will be at specific times
  • package of FO’s for Afghans for Afghans to turn into Black Mountain Abbey Philosopher’s Wool booth (I think that’s where they go) I think I can do one more pair of socks before Thursday.

I’m getting excited!

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