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A little help with friends

Yesterday, we had a small kick-off for the Sausalito Squares project in making Afghans for Afghans for Afghans.  It was amusing to my knitterly ego to find two crocheters there waiting at 4 pm when  I got there.  Fortunately, one of them is very fine crocheter indeed, and figured out some great stuff with Sophie, and I helped the other one, James, rediscover his inner crocheter (he’d learned when he was in college and wanted a throw, but nobody would make him one, but somebody taught him how to crochet).

And then squares starting to appear.  Here we are already:

Bluebird a4a kickoff

Suzanne and Marty are amazing at the way these go together.

Another gal, LaDonna, came by with some mitered squares from a dying project a while back:

mitered squares

and absolutely adorable baby hats from a pattern that’s in Knitting for Peace.

baby hats

The hat pattern is Swirled Ski Cap by Caps for Kids — so cute!

And today, I finished the shawl and Izzie is making sure that nobody steals it.
Kiri 1c

I love to see how beautiful lace becomes in the blocking!

Kiri 1e

I’m so glad that I have it to wear at Stitches this coming week!

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