Knitting for Good Projects

Excuse me, are you really paying attention?

Maybe you’re like me and think that the only way that most meetings will be productive is if you knit during them.

I’ve been in meetings where folks are convinced that I’m not paying attention. This was generally years ago before folks learned about things like kinesthetic learning. I figured out pretty quickly that I need to move my body — hence all the doodling in my undergraduate collegiate notes. But knitting is better because something usefula and pretty comes out at the end.

Now, there are rules about knitting during meeting. Many meetings I go to I have an official role to play, so I don’t have the option of knitting during them. I’m either a principal participant or running the meeting. You just can’t knit and be taken seriously if this is the case. But, if the meeting is large and I’m just a participant, or it is a training where you don’t have to take notes a lot, knitting is definitely ok.

Last week, I had not one, but two different opportunities to knit in meetings. The first was at a training for folks like me who teach other pastors to be interim pastors. The location was great — up at Zephyr Cove at Lake Tahoe, NV. Many other folks knitting or crocheting (and a guy who usually does cross-stitch, but wasn’t doing it this time). One gal even took the Flying Zephyr train from Colorado so she could both sight-see and knit on her trip! During this roughly 3 day meeting, I completed this sock:

SFS 2a

Yeah, it’s a big sock for Socks for Soldiers, out of Regia Stretch, custom-dyed for Socks for Soldiers in Olive Drab. And yes, I need to knit another one, but I’m taking a break.

Saturday, I went to our Presbytery (regional group of Presbyterian-types). I finished a sample square for the Afghans for Afghans project in a fun hot-pink:

a4a square

Only a 10-inch square in basketweave pattern in chunky yarn for the Afghans for Afghans project. It didn’t take that long to finish, so I started something else. I began a child’s sock (also for Afghans for Afghans) with leftover Paca-peds HT in a the lovely Deep seas colorway. (No, I didn’t finish then, but they are now done, as you can see).

Youth Socks 3d

Knitting in meetings – a way to stay awake, a way to make the world a little warmer.

P.S. For those of you worried that I’m being a bit too self-less in my knitting, I have also started a Kiri shawl in Dream in Color Baby in the hilariously named Pansy Golightly colorway. Photo soon.

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Hey Jacki, the Regia stretch can be ordered from Kim Opperman of Socks for Soldiers — she gets it at wholesale (for others reading, you have to be knitting for the project to get the yarn). I like the yarn, and it’s not black!

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