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All’s Well; 5 free things that make me happy

Yes, I am really feeling fine. No lingering exhaustion at all, and I taught water aerobics classes two days in a row, with one of them 75 minutes long. I am so happy to feel well!

And I have a burst of energy for some new things. I’m helping to organize knitting of squares for Afghans for Afghans blankets at my church and the nearest local yarn store, which is a fun way to connect two places that I love. I’m getting my pastoral act together for the congregation, and I’m quitting a part-time job that I’m doing a bad job at and is causing stress.

All of that makes me thankful for employment that has meaning and benefits, for my health, and for the opportunity to make new decisions that will improve my life and the life of others.

One of the things that I preached about today is that we need to get in touch with the things that make us happy that don’t cost us money.  I had folks write down 5 things that are free that they like to do.  Here are mine:

  1. Play with the kitties.  Seriously, it is hard to feel bad with warm softies running around the apartment like maniacs, or getting all snuggly under the log cabin blanket.
  2. Make bread.  Ok, this costs a little bit of money, but under $1 for a loaf of wonderful goodness.
  3. Walk in McInnis Park — it has lovely views of San Pablo Bay, and it’s next door.
  4. Read books from the library.  I call it “the community’s book-stash place.”  They keep it for me until I need it, and then I don’t have to store it.
  5. Singing in worship.  I love to sing, and it’s so great to sing with other people.  And far from costing me money, I can actually say that since I get paid to be in worship, in some sense, I actually get paid!

Add your own free things that make you happy  in the comments!

In the meantime, I started some Leyburn socks with Paca-ped yarn that also includes contrast yarn for the toe and heels.  The pattern isn’t too hard, and I do like the complementary yarn that comes for the toes and heels.  Not sure about the alpaca, but I’ll get to test them next week at Lake Tahoe.

Leyburn socks 1a