Why I Cried Today (again)

This time it was the Rev. Joseph E. Lowry, who was part of the civil rights movement, who was attacked in those days in the South. He starts with words from Lift Every Voice and Sing, which is the informal national anthem for African-Americans, and then goes on from there to the most fitting end to the swearing-in ceremony. Can I just say that I hope to grow up and be someone like him someday? He out-prayed the “purpose-driven” mega-church pastor, and out-wrote the poet. He was the equal of Obama in elegance and meaning, and even gave us a couple of chuckles.


If you want to see the text of his prayer, this blog has it.
For the church-types who read, it was a bit like having transfiguration Sunday come a few weeks too early.  Does that mean Lent will be longer?