A Slow Recovery

Although the knitting is going well (because you can do it lying down on a couch), I’m still recovering.
I think the bronchitis and pneumonia are under control, but the meds I took had a lot of side effects. I was dizzy and nauseous after taking it. On the fourth day, Saturday, I googled it and found that this particular antibiotic can cause severe side effects (apparently the Europeans have this as a pretty restrictive drug). In consultation with the Doc on call, I stopped at the fourth day. Sunday I was not feeling much better, and again missed my preaching, although I was well enough to catch the Golden Globes on TV (check out Tina Fey’s hilarious acceptance speech here).

Today I was hoping to feel a lot better, and I wasn’t. Severe sinus pain, to the point of migraine light. Hoping for better tomorrow…

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