The Underside of Knitting


A No Knitting, No Preaching Day (Really)

Yesterday was a bust in so many ways.  I awoke at 5:30 am with a bad headache, the kind that feels like you have a poker going through your forehead.  I’d been struggling with a cold and sinus infection, but this was awful.  I had four hours to get into full preaching mode, so I took some meds to deal with it.

By 6 am, I was in trouble, the kind of trouble that has you hanging onto to the porcelain throne in the bathroom for dear life.  I’ll spare you more details.  I still thought, maybe I can get back on track.  By 7 am, the thought had passed, I knew I wasn’t going to make it into the office.  I started through my rollodex in my head to find a preaching sub.  The first call, no one home (I guess they’re not back from vacation).  On the second call, I got the spouse.  I asked to speak to her husband.  She said, “He sleeping.”  A perfectly rational response, but I know how to get through.  “I’m sick, and I’m hoping that he can substitute for me this morning.”  She got him up, and he agreed to do it (he knows the church and their ways, so it’s a good sub).  Then I casually mention, “Oh, and there’s communion this morning too.” “Oh, I hate doing communion.  You owe me one!”  Seriously?  I was astonished.  Frankly, I love these rituals of holiness and connection.  But beggars can’t be choosers, so I said, “Ok, I owe you one.”

Return to bed.  Visit the bathroom again.  Return to bed.  You get the idea.  As the light filtered into the bathroom, I noticed that the, er, output, was awfully dark.  I realized that this might be blood, since I hadn’t eaten anything this dark.  Pulling out the laptop, I go online to discover lot’s of information about this topic, including things like ulcers.

I call the Helpline for my medical plan, only to find out that they think I left the plan in 2004.  Now, I am an interim pastor, so I change jobs frequently.  I left one job and entered another immediately in 2004, finished a job in 2007 but kept my medical insurance through the start of a new job in 2008.  In other words, I’ve had continuous coverage since 2004.  The nurse trieds twice to enter me, apologizing the whole time, but finally just does all the questions to make sure that I don’t need to call  911 immediately, then we come up with the brilliant plan that I should see someone withinn 18 hours (it’s now 11 am), and try to get fluids down.  Thanks a lot, useless helpline.

I try the water (Ok, it was herbal tea).  Visit the bathroom again.  Let stomach rest, sleep, try again. By 5 pm, I’m realizing that I can’t keep water down, and it’s better to visit ER earlier than later.  I call my cousin to commiserate.  She agrees that going now to ER is a good idea.  I’m hoping that she’ll offer to take me, but she says something like, “I wish I was closer so I could come over.”  Darn. At 6:15 pm, I put on jeans, top, wool socks, warm hat and scarf and wool coat and head to the ER at the hospital with basic emergency stuff (like, no brain tumors, etc).  I’ll leave the big hospital to the serious stuff.

Driving up, I’m worried, because there are a lot of cars in the lot.  Oh God, I think, please do not make me wait in the waiting room.  I go in, and it turns out that within 10 minutes, I’m in a bed.  I can’t believe my good fortune!  Within two hours, I have a calm tummy, and the mellow feelings of “happy meds” for the bad headache.  Leslie, a God-send friend, picks me up (because I can’t drive with the happy meds) with the gatorade that I asked her to pick up, and am home by 9;30 pm.

This morning, I am working up to exciting things like broth, apple sauce and the like.  Yay!

And I should mention the other great support yesterdday, my grey tabbie Isadora.  Izzie was actually kind of pain when I got her — rather wild.  But some of that was probably because my other cat at the time, Parfait, was sick.  Now, Izzie is a great cat who likes to hang out next to me.  She stuck around by me most of the day, we napped on the bed, she even watched when I was doing the bathroom thing.  More than I can say with many humans, to be honest.

So, I will be returning to the Radiance Cabled Cardigan, hopefully some photos to show the updates as well.