Down and dirty with Christmas Knitting

I started another Slouchy Copy Cat Hat in Ultra Alpaca (although I varied the lace pattern), in a muted heathery green from my stash. I kept telling myself it would look great on Allison (sister of Rachel, whose hat I knit because she got a sweater to match), who has light blond hair and blue/green eyes.

I kept knitting and telling myself this, but I was doubting. Then today I was watching “What Not to Wear” (my guilty pleasure TV) and there was a gal with similar coloring. Heathers completely washed her out.

So I ripped out the hat and returned it to the stash for another project. But now what?

I do have a skein of the yarn in a lovely green that would be much better on Allison, but now I’m running out of time, and I’m not sure that I should give the same thing to her as I did to her sister. So I’m thinking that maybe I’ll work on the Bijouterie earrings instead. They should be done in about an hour.

Ack, the last of the Christmas knitting, and I’m not sure what I want to do!!!

So, post in the comments: Should I knit the hat, or the earrings.

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5 thoughts on “Down and dirty with Christmas Knitting

  1. Itmight depend on how old they are, but my general principle is not to give the same thing to sisters. (This is always a challenge for me, as I have two daughters who like similar things.)

    So I’d say go for the earrings, and keep an eye open for yarn that would be just right for the second one, and make her something for a different occasion.

    My $.02 worth…

  2. I’d make the earrings, too. Much better to take the pressure off yourself for the present and make something shorter in time, plus they’ll be beautiful and just as luxurious as a hat. Plus you can knit the hat for her anyway for an extra present later or for her birthday, etc.

  3. The sisters are 23 and 25, and not living in the same house, so it’s probably not a big issue.

    But I like all of the recommendations — will work on the earrings! I thought I might try tonight, but I didn’t get home ’til 9 pm, and still had to have dinner. I’ll try tomorrow!

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