gift knitting resumes

I know, I know, I said I wasn’t going to do it. Well the Monteagle bag lured me back (see previous post). And then I had a lot of fun with the elements of this set for my cousin:

Cotton Dishcloth1

Mitered Hanging Towel1d

and then this hat just kinda flew off the needles:

Slouch Copy Cat Hat 1aJPG

Yeah, I think I need to make one for me. Slouchy Copy Cat Hat in Ultra Alpaca, with some modifications to make it more beret-like.
And I caught the Bijouterie bug and ordered the wire (sorry, I think I got the last of it from the supplier), and am on the hunt for the rest of the findings.

Gift knitting left? One more Monteagle bag, and something for Allison…not sure what.