a little more selfish knitting

I think my knitting mojo is returning. I’m having fun, and finishing lovely things for me. I’m puttering with yarns, and imagining projects for both me and others. But no timelines to meet!

So, without further ado, some lovely socks:

Basic Socks1a

Yes, they are especially knit for me — extra stitches to accomodate my high instep, and a favorite yarn from chasing rainbows! They are almost dry — and ready for a fun time in December.

And another FO is blocking. It’s the Inside-Outside Scarf — free on the XRX website, and a great way to use variated yarns. There are some good extra directions on the WEBS site by Pixie that provide some helpful extra thoughts. Here’s a not-so-great photo of the blocking in progress:


This is actually way better in person. If you have a couple of balls of varigated yarn in your stash, you too can have a wonderful scarf. Actually, if you have only one ball of slowly repeating varigated yarn, you can make a scarf just like mine!

The afghan is now in strips, but I have not had the space to do some blocking before I sew the strips together (my mom is visiting for the week). Photos soon.

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