pretty shiny stuff

A few weeks ago, a couple of friends and I went to SF to the opening of a cute little store in the Sunset area. It was totally jammed, so we went to Artfibers (I don’t think either of them had been there before). Peaceful, and very lovely stuff.

I kept ooohing and aaahing over things, to the point that I was probably going to walk out. While I love the yarns, the colors aren’t to my liking, and I don’t have the dying skills at this point to try something out.

But I did get some Patois – a lovely alpaca, silk and nylon tape that is sewn down the middle. A whole cone of it, and I’m hoping that it’s enough for a scarf and a hat (it should be).

Then I found a free Annie Modesitt pattern called Netty, a cowl pattern, but one that is knit side-by-side, so it easily translates into a scarf. And see what I’ve got with about 20 minutes work?


This is fun!