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I love knitting, and I love knitting sweaters. But I am at a weary point. Taking stock, I see why. I’ve knit two sweaters for Afghans for Afghans — a top-down raglan Cardigan for the Ravelympics, and a bottom-up Elizabeth Zimmermann percentage sweater. Plus two pairs of socks and a pair of mittens.

I am almost done with the much-frogged Ariann Sweater for my little cousin — only the collar to finish in garter stitch, weaving in ends, sewing on buttons and blocking. I’m doing another percentage sweater for A4A and almost at the point where you do some short rows at the neck before the neck ribbing. That’s two sweaters more than 90 percent done.

And then I realized: I am tired of knitting for others. I haven’t knit for myself since (quickly checking Ravelry) July 1st (not counting the pair of mittens I knit, since it hasn’t been cold enough to wear them). I am weary of all this “big project” knitting” as well. Next-up: a couple of smaller, selfish projects.

I think I’ll get the sweaters done soon — I’d like to, and I need to finish one of them by the middle of October to mail.

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That’s totally okay. You have to knit for yourself to recharge your batteries. I know there are some projects I just plain have to knit for me. Sometimes later they look at me crosswise and ask me what I was thinking when of COURSE they’re clearly supposed to be for (fill in the blank). But at the time I was making it, I was making it for me, because I needed that pat on my own back. I needed to love the color and the yarn, I needed to think how good I would look and feel in it.

And then very often, that’s all I really needed and I’m ready afterwards to give it away. It’s totally okay to be that way. It helps keep us going.

Socks, socks, socks. Small (well, sorta), quick, and endless in possibilities. Make some for yourself quick! You will be glad.

Last pair of socks I made for myself turned out too small and I gave them to the colleague on whose feet I was always trying them. No, actually the most recent pair intended for myself turned out to be the proof that I don’t like knitting with cotton, so they are going to a church fundraiser. (Yes, I’m a minister, too.)

Go knit yourself some socks.

thanks for the reinforcement! I’d do a pair of socks, except I have a lot of socks. In checking my queue, I think the Soleil tank might be better — I have the yarn, the pattern is free, and it’s fewer stitches than a pair of socks.

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