A Change of Plans

Can you believe it? Our team has already completed two mittens and hat, and we are barely a day into the event. AMAZING!

Well, we knitters know a secret — that you can always rip and frog(except when felting or using really fuzzy yarn). After all, plans for an item can change.

So, after showing the pattern for the youth sweater for Afghans for Afghans yesterday (which I may still make for myself someday), I decided I wanted to use another simpler pattern. I remembered that there are some unpatterns published on the web and found the Incredible Custom-Fit Raglan recipe. Lovely pattern, very easy to follow, and even has a cardigan option. I’m good to go. (And I heard about another recipe that I’m tempted by on the new Knotions magazine website – check it out.)

Then I had to figure out the stripe pattern. Again, memory bells rang to say that somewhere there are stripe-generating tools on the web. I found this one, and it worked like a charm — you click on the colors you are using, enter a number for the rows you’ll be working the stripes. Then you hit enter until you get a randomly created pattern that you like. Then you simply print out the pattern or save it as the instructions show.

I’m past the neckline, and doing the increases down to the armpits — it’s going a bit slower with the color changes for the striping, but I’m really liking the yarn (Wash-Day Wool by Reynolds, which I’m doubling for warmth), which I got on deep sale in So Cal.