Lace Edges – cool!

I decided to teach a class about lace edging. This was a bit of hubris, because I hadn’t knit anything but bottom up lace edgings like this:


So, I’ve had a lot of fun learning the principles of perpendicular knitted lace edges. Great for baby blankets:


And equally terrific for bamboo and silk scarves:


We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

In other news, I submitted two items to the Marin County Fair — one is the Hanami stole, the other is an item that I designed, and since I’m still thinking of submitting it for publication, I cannot blog about it. 🙁

Remember, WWKIP is tomorrow. I’ll be at Marin Fiber Arts (where the scaffolding in front of the store might actually be a helpful thing finally) Find a public place and knit!

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