All About the Beads

Back when I did the Hanami stole, it was my first foray into bead knitting. I realize that starting to use beads on lace yarn like this is not the usual way to do it, but that’s me. Fortunately, it wasn’t a lot of beads!

Then, when I was listening to Ivy’s Knit Spirit podcast, I noticed that Earthfaire was a sponsor.

So I checked out the website, and couldn’t resist buying this kit — I find that kits are really, really helpful when I’m learning something new. This kit, shown here:

Fire Polish Crystals

is very complete, has very lovely crystal beads, all the materials (except the size 0 needles), and even came with a sterling silver clasp for the bracelet!

Fire Polish Crystal bracelet

So, given that there is a bead store a block away from Marin Fiber Arts, I think I may be doing some more bead knitting!

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Oh, Renee, that’s beautiful!!!

I wonder if I can convince dh I need to go to my new LYS…. It’s a yarn AND bead store….

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