The Flutter Sleeve Cardigan

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I finished a sweater for my little (!) cousin Allison’s birthday, the Flutter Sleeve Cardigan from Interweave Knits Spring 2008.

Because it is a gift, it was a bit of a harrowing knit — I couldn’t try it on to see if it fit because we are are very different shapes and heights. Thank goodness for Ravelry to see what adjustments that folks made.

It is now done and looks fine laid out:

But will it fit and look good on her? I’ll find out on Sunday!


Earth Day is Now a Season

Maybe you haven’t heard, but this year there is a movement for an Earth “season” going from today until Mother’s Day. I think this is a good thing, because it will be like other seasons and give us all time to think about the things we want to do that will change the impact on the earth.

I’m going to focus on greening my cleaning products (ha – that is, when I actually clean). I already use vingear and hydrogen peroxide, buy low impact dishwashing and laughry soaps, and have given up and am much happier without those fabric softener drying sheets. Don’t have a place to put out the laundry, and with bad allergies, I think it would be a bad idea right now.

So, the focus will be on personal cleaning stuff for the most part.

and on the knitter’s front, it will be my “knitting from stash season” — yes, I know it’s a pretty short time, and I just fell off the wagon on Saturday at the Marin Fiber Arts extravaganza, but you gotta start somewhere. I did buy some wonderful naturally dyed fiber and yarn on Saturday, so I’ve even begun the green front that way.

What will you do to go greener?


Loving the Lace

Well, I’ve finally finished the Hanami Stole. I have to say, this was a fun pattern and an addictive knit for me. Here it is:


I used some seed beads that I had on hand that I thought went well — and used some for the ruffle as well as the initial cast-on.

And this is a bit more ruffly than the pattern calls for — I decided to add some fullness into based on the photos that I’d seen. I think it works fine.


And the yarn?Hanami3

I LOVE the malabrigo lace yarn. And I have a whole skein left for some other project!


Basketful of Love

Now it can be revealed. Here’s the basket:


Here are the hearts (well, at least most of them):



and here is everything all together:

Basket of Hearts2


The heart pattern is wonderful free one by Anna Hrachovec at MochiMohchiland. We had a great time knitting them (in all weights and kinds of yarn, as you can tell), with beads or not, felted or not, stuffed or not.

And we hope that it makes Judy, our friend, walk just a little lighter in the coming weeks and months.