Feline Approval

When I’m knitting, my cats sometimes get involved — you know, playing with the yarn and the needles, although they are pretty well-behaved most of the time, but seriously, I get a lot of cat curiosity around here:

Regia rainbow socks w cat

The best is when I get feline approval, such as here:


and here:

EZ Baby Blanket

EZ Baby Blanket - detail

and when it is something specifically for the kitty, the love is very evident!

cat pad for Brandy 1

It is a good feeling!


Turning the (Knitting) Work

Over the holidays, I got a lot of knitting to give, receive and work on. The holiday time is now a festival of extra time that I totally indulge in.

And the knitting Gods sent us awful weather with major traffic issues — basically all major highways around me went defunct yesterday, so staying home and knitting was a good thing.

Ok, so some of the fun was in the giving — some sock yarn (6-ply Opal in a lovely black, white and rosey red) and the very good Interweave Knits Getting Started Knitting Socks (which is now out of stock ’til March, so I’m glad that I bought it in December). This is a very good book for beginners — it has ton’s of photos, a sample sock, and lot’s and lot’s of text to explain the things you need to know. My friend Nhien has now knitted a pair of the sample socks, and is on to bigger and better things.

Other progress: I knitted with Zitron’s Trekking Pro Natura, which has a lovely feel, wasn’t splitty at all for me. The pattern is from Sensational Socks — the Slipped-Stitch rib, which works well for a variated yarn. I also tried a new heel the “forethought” heel, which works so well for a variegated yarn, and allows one to finish the sock at the toe. I will definitely do this again.

Slip-stitch sock 2

I also finished a hat that will match a scarf that I have had for about 5 years — and it looks really cute. Yeah! I love it when I finally figure out how to work a yarn.

Hat & scarf set 1b

BTW, I’m grateful to Judy for her great idea of getting the Schurch book cut into a binding format so it now sits nicely flat. SO much better. And I’ve got to get my Moosewood Cookbook (now over 25 years old) to go through this treatment.

And I’m working hard on a blanket for Afghans for Afghans — using the Mason-Dixon Moderne Baby Blanket, with some extra color for fun. A nice, mindless knit. I’m getting close to the minimum size needed, we’ll see how much yarn is left when I reach that!
Moderne Baby Blanket

And the other project OTN is Juliaca by Jane Ellison (the bottom sweater) — a ribbed cardigan with some small cables at the bottom of the body, sleeves and at the collar. It’s perfect for a short girl. I’m using Goddess Yarn’s Ellen, a 50/50 wool/cotton blend, so I’m hoping that it will not get too draggy by the end.

And then, it turns out that my Karabella Empire Silk, a purchase made possible by a gift certificate by leaving my last position. Apparently, it is in the perfect color that will be “fashionable” to those who spend time worrying about these things. I am glad, and maybe that will help me get more organized for this yarn.

The color is very close to this:

I am so glad to have turned this page!