December Cheer

This year is an odd year for me. For the first time in nine years, I won’t be a pastor-type this holiday season. Added to that, I’m actually taking time off work for most of the month. Advent will truly be a time off for me.

On the knitting front, that won’t be the case, of course. I’m involved with Knitters4Critters which is taking up a lot of time. And my Christmas knitting is going well. There are secret projects for my cousins Allison and Rachel, and I’m almost finished with wonderful scarf project out of the Bombyx silk for my mother and I’ve frogged the Jaywalkers that I was doing in the Regia bamboo because they were fitting me funny and I didn’t think they’d work for my friend either, so I got some lovely yarn by Pagewood Farms in a wool superwash:

My cousin Marie has a surprise project too. Not too bad for December.

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