Celebrating some FOs

Ever have one of those FO’s that you are really, really glad to have done? This week I finished the Lily seater in Euroflax linen by Louet.

It came out well — a bit of fudging with the styling to accomodate my shorter, curvier shape, but the fiber is very tough on the hands. I will be knitting with only very soft stuff for a while. In addition, because I am a loose knitter, this baby was done on size 0 addi turbos. It was like knitting a very, very large sock for an elephant with twine.

Did I mention that I really liked the outcome? In that respect, it is, I fear, a lot like having a baby — so much fun at the end that I’ll forget the process.

I also finished a hat and socks of my own design for a cute baby in my life.

So, what do I do to celebrate — yep, head straight to the lys for a fix! Got me some Sierra in a couple of nice colors to make a Tomato for me, now that I realize what a lovely pattern it is because of the one I made for my cousin. LYS owner talks me into some Regia bamboo to take to knit a sampler sock — I’m using the Jaywalker pattern, since it seems to work with almost any yarn, and I’ve wanted to try it.

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