The Knitourage

Today is World Wide Knitting in Public Day.

And in my county, it is also the day of almost a fair in every part — the LYS was just 1/2 block from the Italian Street Painting Festival, which is a wonderful place to see artists doing it for the love of it, great music, decent food, and funding for youth in arts.

So, what better than having a wwkip fest in the middle of it.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve starting calling our Knit Night group the Knitourage — kinda like a knitting Entourage. So, I made up some stickers like this:

We were lucky, we had knitters from the north (Sebastopol and Santa Rosa) as well as folks from the Marin Knitting Guild. It ws a very good thing. Look at the fabulous lace scarf being knit in the chaos, and then there was a big knitting emergency Gabby finished her hat while there and had no other knitting, but Warren came to the rescue with a swatch for her to work on!

and I have finished the Tomato sweater from No Sheep for You that is destined for my cousin Marie for her birthday on June 19th. Photos coming – I want to make sure it fits, so she gets to try it on tomorrow…