Options for Spinning

To Knit What I’ve Spun

As mentioned here, the Fiber Optics gradient is completely done – spun and finished and everything.

I’ve been pondering what to knit out of it, and found some shawl options – but stay tuned for the problem at the end.

This one is nice, but just ok. Espiral was knit in the same color way by DaisyPhd:

This one is better, and has the benefit of being adjustable in size. Siren Song Again, I lucked out that Elaughn on Ravelry had knit in a similar Fiber Optics color way, although it says she used 2 skeins at 228 grams, so I don’t think I have enough to get the effect I’d like.

This pattern by Romi is my favorite. FuchsiaNouveau-petite (photo by Merrick79)

I think I have just enough yardage to finish, and since it is my precious handspun, I think I need to go for it! Luckily, Romi had a 20 percent off sale on the pattern.

Update: I hadn’t checked gauge and it turns out that the yarn is really a sport-is weight, so I’d be pretty sure to run out of yarn.  Rechecking my options!

To Spin

Then I’m also looking at the options for what to spin next. Here are the three contenders:

Two Rainbow Rolls of Noro wool pencil roving in VERY BRIGHT colors. 100 g each

I have to think what I would spin with it – I’m thinking thick and funky at the moment, like this single from nevermore on Ravelry:

I have these two 2 oz skeins of A Verb for Keeping Warm’s hand-dyed BFL – a good project for a cowl or socks:

and then I bought these 4 oz hand-dyed skeins of merino top at a steal at the Big Sky Fiber Festival years ago – and the colors are calling to me.

I’ve wanted to give myself a bigger project, like a sweater or top, and I have enough of this to do it. I know, it’s merino, but I love the colors and I wanna:

I’m thinking of shooting for a light fingering sweater 2-ply, since I have 12 oz and will need to make enough yarn!