Summer Knitting

I’ve been working on a few projects this summer, consistent with potentially hot weather and small enough to not have them heat my lap up.

I’ve got a jump on Christmas presents with a pair of men’s socks (this is my project page on Ravelry):

I adapted a cowl pattern for a birthday gift – it’s not really a secret, since I showed the intended recipient. The pattern is called Into the Wind, and it consists of garter stitches and a simple lace.  The original pattern has a broad triangle at the front, and I wanted it to shape more, so I began increasing the increases at the edge. This gave it a more oval shape and the center triangle becomes almost a cowl shape.

The other changes included using two colors (I’m using stash yarn and thought it would be fun), and eliminated bobbles but kept the fringe:

And now I’m working toward finishing the linen top I began as my in-between time started. The front is complete:

and I’m halfway through the back. I knit this flat because I want the stability of the side seams to keep the top from twisting.

What has kept you knitting this season?

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