Tour de Fleece – a Spin Update

All in all, it’s been a good thing to participate in Tour de Fleece. I started with a couple of goals – to spin daily, and to work through the Fiber Optics gradient fiber in my stash as far as it seemed workable.

I really only took 1 day off after having spun the singles to let them rest, and then this past weekend I decided not to bring my spinning (which by then was plying) on my weekend away.

If I had brought my spinning, I would have finished plying all the fiber by the time that Tour de France. But I didn’t finish plying and so achieved my goal of “workable” too! Last night, well after all those cyclers had passed through the Arch deTRiumph in Paris, my plying was done, and today I took some photos:

The wee bit of dark yarn was my “swatching.” This little bit:

is a three ply that I spun out of the leftovers just for fun!

As you spinners can tell, no, I haven’t finished the yarn yet – I am headed out of town on Tuesday, so I’ll get to this when I return! Yum!

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