Swatching and Finishing – Part 3

Part 3 – in which I apply well-known methods to a new project

Given the history of letting things go to chance as evidenced by Parts 1 and 2, I decided for my current project to plan things out better. My idea was to make another top like this one, which is a summertime staple.It’s sleeveless with shirttail hems, a simple reverse stockinette ribbing, and a bit of beading on the neckline. It’s my own design:

I’m using a similar linen yarn to the original – Reed by Shibui. It’s a chainette of finer linen, and it’s one of the easiest to knit linens that I’ve tried.

I knit a gauge swatch, and even washed it!

It’s a slightly looser gauge, but it looks good and feels nice and drapes.

So, far, so good – I’ve begun the front, and hopefully my attention to swatching and washing the swatch will pay off!

Lesson: try the full swatching method, and see how it goes!