When Knitters Visit

My friend Nhien visited me this past weekend. She’s a knitter and a long-time family friend, and we had the best time.

The plan was simple, knitting and art for a couple of days. It couldn’t have been simpler. She arrived and we went immediately to my LYS – Green Planet Yarns, who are good folks and helped us pick good yarn and even wound Nhien’s skeins for free.

That evening we got together with Dianne, a member of my congregation who also knits, and we had a meal at my house so we could knit, of course. Such fun!

On Friday, we had a new adventure – we took Cal-Train into the City (San Francisco)

to see Monet: the Later Years at the de Young Museum. And I learned how to do Lyft for the day (more on that later).

The train left and arrived right on schedule and we caught a Lyft to the museum, which is located in Golden Gate Park, next to the Japanese Tea Garden and amid buildings and gardens created for the 1894 California mid-Winter Exposition.


There were a LOT of paintings – and many that were done in a series – so you could see five paintings of the same view done for different times of the year, for example. I had visited Giverny in 2016 when I went to Paris, and it definitely took me back to that wonderful day. A couple of paintings looked like my photos


Because one impressionist is not enough, there was also a Gauguin exhibit in the same building:

Which was fine and I would have thought it a really good exhibit except we had just walked out of the Monet exhibit. Also, he was a jerk – he left his wife with five children to raise while he lived out his passion to paint, and basically had affairs with native women on the Pacific Islands he lived on and left them to raise his children.

After a tasty lunch, we hopped over to a wonderful yarn store near the Mission and Castro neighborhoods – Imagiknit. I found a new-to-me designer:

and a lot of fun color to enjoy, which was all the better for having seen world-class art before lunch:

We might have bought some yarn:

And then it was time to head to the train station where we caught the “bullet” (express) train back to San Jose.

All through this, Izzie and Brandy were happy to have company.

About Lyft: I know this is the “sharing economy” etc, but here are some things to know: none of these alt-cab companies can make a profit – the costs are too high and what they can charge is too low. Lyft recently cut the rates for its drivers, some of whom are striking. They went public and already the stock is below the initial IPO rate. Basically, the drivers are going broke (their car is basically at ATM machine giving them cash while the car is used up). I gave very good tips because I think it is bad news, and will try to never use this exploitive type of service again.

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