Reconnecting and a New Tool

Back in town this month for our monthly gathering of Knitted Knockers of Silicon Valley. I love these gals, they are fun, but care about the world, and they have gotten to know me and all my idiosyncrasies.

I turned in some Knitted Knockers (38 knit for this year so far):

got some new yarn, and had fun with our group:


I’ve been working on the Phobos scarf, and like most simple knits, I managed to screw up somewhere and have to rip out several inches. Despite this, it is coming along well:

One item that I decided to get (even though the Revknits budget has been blown by unexpected vet bills, my vacation, and tax stuff), is something simple but really useful. It’s a square swatch gauge by Akerworks:


The gauge has little teeth at the corners to help it stay on knitted fabric, and having it clearly helps orient it. Measurements are in both metric and english systems. I think this is going to get a lot of use!

Weather-wise, it has been a great season to wear my knits, and I’m working on a small hat for little Lu – but whether he will get to wear before fall is questionable – the weather is expected to reach 70 today!

Our rain has done wonderful things here in the Bay Area, and having beautiful camellias in bloom around our apartment complex is one of them: