No Stitches West for Me

This year, I had intended to go to Stitches West for the day to hang out in the marketplace and see some knitters and vendors. Unfortunately, unlike past years, it was not to be. I had gotten sick, and then my cat Brandy got pretty sick, so I had to use my energy and funds to help her recover (she has!).

Before Stitches, I had heard Jasmin from the Knitmore Girls podcast say, “I really don’t need anything,” and that’s how I feel right now about all my yarn – I have a LOT of yarn, pretty much all the necessary tools – although I may order some swatch-measuring tools that look useful. I have over 2,000 patterns in my Ravelry library, a shelf of stitch dictionaries.

So in the end, missing Stitches this year was about not getting to socialize with the knitters and see what was new and fun. Given the circumstances, it was the right call, and my knitting has not stopped because of it.

So what is cooking in Chez Revknits, you ask? Well, let me tell you.

First, I saw that @Ysolda had put out a new scarf pattern that was from one of her clubs last year, called Phobos. As I looked at it more closely, I realized that the custom yarn that Ysolda had made for it was very similar to a yarn from the 2015 shawl club (the Crockern Tor shawl) I had participated in, and for which I had purchased an extra skein because I really liked the yarn so much. It’s a British yarn with wool and Zwarbles, and it’s woolen spun lace and just so lofty. I think it is very similar to the newer Ysolda yarn, and the same yardage.

Praying I could find it:

And then I just purchased the pattern online, and away we go!

The beginning is a bit fiddly and complicated, but soon the pattern emerges, and there is a satisfying long stretch of “cruise” knitting where you don’t have to think very hard.

I am also wanting to get back to my idea of a very cute vest for the very cute little boy in our family. There’s yarn colors to use and some basic swatching. Time to dig deep and figure this little garment out!

Finally, last night I was texting with my friend Nhien about making plans for getting together, and she mentioned that she had just finished the wash, and had six pairs of handknit socks that I had knit for her husband Curtiss. Sweety that she is, she sent me a photo of the stack:

Curtiss is most appreciative of the hand knit socks, they are his favorite ones to wear! By my projects page, I’ve knit 8 pairs, one each year, and it’s pretty impressive that 6 are still ok to wear!