Lost knits: to replace or not?

It happens to every knitter – a hand-knit item goes astray.

Sometimes a lost knit is a heartbreaking one, like the scrap shawl I made from all the fingering weight yarns I had used:

But other times it’s not a big deal. I lost a hat at the very beginning of my last trip (I blame having to get up at 5 am in the morning). There’s no good photo of it because was knitted in the pre-Ravelry days. It was a VERY warm hat – it was doubled Cascade heather yarns, with a fun decorative yarn for the edge of the brim.  I live in Northern California, and there’s very little need for amazingly warm hats. So I’m letting that go.

A few days after I came back I went up to visit my cousin Marie, who was a little ashamed to admit that she’d been on a walk with her daughter and grandson, and they had put a cowl into the stroller, but it had fallen out and gotten lost. It was this one:

Now this was indeed a lovely cowl made out of Lux Adorna Fun Size Bundle – cashmere! She wears it a lot too. Fortunately for Marie, I happen to have bought another bundle about a year or two back while I dipped into Imagiknit as I was passing through – as one does, right? When I got back home, I found it, and started to think about how this one might be designed.

The original one that I knitted for Marie added more stripes to the chevrons, because I could see how the contrast would get punched up by doing so. This little bundle has softer colors and less contrast,

so I did the Lila pattern just as printed

and I think it turned out great!

The replacement cowl got knitted very quickly because I got sick – a bad cold that kept me out of the office for a few days, and the cowl was about as much knitting as I was able to contemplate. In addition, poor Brandy was down with a kidney infection:

at the vets and not happy

She was so weak that I took an improvised kitty bed in the living room and snuck a heating pad into it so she could sleep and be warm, but apparently Izzie had other ideas about who this bed was for!

What, you mean this wasn’t for me?

Having now knit another Lila out of the Fun Size Bundle, I decided it was time for me to get one too – and all the color ways have changed over the intervening years, of course. So I decided to go on Ravelry and find an older color way that someone was willing to sell, and I did!

Which was a lovely thing. Even though Stitches West was a light-rail ride away, I was too sick and accumulating vet bills, so that was not in the cards this year. Fear not, the stash is there and I have plenty to knit with, as I’ll explain in the next post!