On the other side

So, I went on some trips, and then I got sick. Sorry that it’s been so long since I’ve posted!

Along the way I saw awesome sunsets from the plane

Finished a cowl on the plane and then got to wear it then and there – CoPilot in Knitpicks Capretta

Learned some stuff in Princeton, where I lucked into a warm-up so I didn’t need the hat that I lost before I even got to the airport.

And then flew across the country to see figure skating in Anaheim

There was sun and palm trees

and snow on the local mountains

The skating was amazing!

And then I got to see family friends that I haven’t seen in way too long.

When I returned, I dove into work, and then got sick and have been at home the last three days, which has been odd, because that hasn’t happened in a while. Tomorrow (probably today by the time I post this) I’ll be well enough to work at home and go in for a bit, because the work doesn’t stop.

It turns out that the Recoleta sweater was the perfect garment to wear on the trip – thick enough to keep me warm, lacy enough to wear inside, a good layering piece. I wore it almost every day, but still have not got a shot of me wearing it yet.

The CoPilot cowl was also good – it’s another light piece that layered well, especially in a cold arena.

And now I am replacing one of two lost knit pieces. More about that in the next post! Question: when do you decide to replace a lost or worn knit item? I’d like to include others’ thoughts on this!

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