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My challenge to finish my Recoleta sweater is done – and I finished! Last night I worked the cuffs with the needles that I had left at home, although it took two tries to get the same number of rounds of ribbing to match.  Cast-off, and decided I was tired enough to simply block the sweater and deal with the ends in the morning.

In this case, “blocking” consisted of putting the sweater into the wash (with another Yowza sweater that I wear a lot) on cold water with an extra rinse, then putting it into the dryer to the damp dry cycle. See, the yarn is super wash, and wetting it makes it stretch out like crazy. The dryer brings back everything to be tidy. I popped it out of the dryer, and it looks great. Here it is before ends were woven in:

and after:

One technique that someone had done on their version of the sweater, which I liked, was to take  the back lace section down to the edge to match the front, and then do a bit of fudging to get the section to a knit one, purl one, setting, which then allowed the whole bottom of the sweater to be cast-off with the tubular bind-off. It looks great, and provides just the right amount of stability.

In retrospect, I would have knit a smaller back to the sweater – it’s ok the way it is, but I have a little more fabric in the back than I really need. When I get to wear it, I’ll get some photos with it on!

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