Adding to the Knit People

A couple of months ago I decided to approach the downtown library around the corner to teach knitting to teens. I had felt as though I needed to be sharing some skills back into the community, and fortunately for me, the teen center at the library said yes.

I created a four-session class for Beginning Knitting (based on Susan B. Anderson’s lovely book Kidz Knitting Workshop) with these three projects:

And today was the debut class. I was totally prepared for zero interest, but I had four teen knitters who all hung in there to learn the knit stitch and how to cast off to make a bracelet/scrunchy.  One knitter said as he learned the stitch, “this is so relaxing.” Awww. One librarian thought it was a great success because some of my students have trouble focusing on reading and math. This was different!

And see these two faces?


Next week we make the bunny. So fun!

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4 thoughts on “Adding to the Knit People

  1. I’m so proud of you Rene. This is a wonderful project.
    I’ve seen so many young adults that are genuinely interested in our craft. So cool!

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