Staycation and Mini Clear out

Here at Casa del Revknits, I’ve been looking forward to a vacation time, and had planned to go to Southern California for some of this week to see some friends. Then I looked at the weather forecast, and all of the days I was thinking of going were going to be well above 100 degrees.

Having just endured lived three summers in Fresno, it did not seem like a vacation to go into Fresno-like summer weather, so instead I embraced the staycation. And it has been a lovely few days in San Jose, with the weather in the mid-80’s.

As I settled into my new plan, I realized that now that I know I’m staying for a whole year, it was time to unpack the rest of my stuff, like a bit of jewelry. You see, I hadn’t hung all my pictures and mirrors and paintings, and then I remembered I had a table lamp (a cast-off from a friend 15 years ago) that had bitten the dust, and there were just lot’s of piles of little things everywhere.

Long-time readers of the blog may remember The Great Clear Out from a few years ago, in which I hired a friend who is a home/office professional organizer to help me with my “inheritance” of all my families stuff. This is very small in comparison, so I’m calling it the Mini Clear Out – because it is mostly getting rid of dysfunctional items (see Table Lamp) and clearing out clutter. Then I realized I needed a new sofa pillow and a new couch cover too. So much better for not very much $!

This project didn’t take that long – maybe 3 hours total, but I am so happy with the results and feel of my apartment.

I did get in a day at Santa Cruz (about 35 minutes away by car) and totally enjoyed a beautiful walk along the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean. It is almost as good as a massage in terms of de-stressing.

And wildflowers were blooming close to the coast’s edge:

After eating a bag lunch, I made a 1-mile trip to visit a delightful new-to-me yarn store called The Swift Stitch. I got to chat with the owner, and delighted in my of their yarns. I bought a beautiful Indigofly dyed skein to match a Hedgehog fibers skein I received as a gift (the new yarn on the right – called Poseidon, while the other is named Damp).

In addition there was a line I’ve not tried before called Candy Skein – a 3-ply fingering weight with a beautiful twist:

I’ll definitely visit again – there’s a cute French cafe next door to try.

Today is a transitional day – because tomorrow I preach, lead worship and teach a class, but fortunately, the sermon is pretty much done at 12 noon, and I just need to review my teaching notes for my class.