MIA, the Knitter’s Edition

It happens to knitters. We lose precious knitted items. It sucks.

I lost a hat that was part of a scarf and hat set when I went to Ireland about a decade ago. It was knit long enough ago that I don’t really have a good photo of it because it was pre-Ravelry. Fortunately, I remembered exactly which Irish pub in Dublin I left it in, called them up and they said they had found it. So I sent along a 20 Euro bill to the pub for them to send it to me. But it never cam back.

If I hadn’t had the scarf and really enjoyed the pairing, it wouldn’t have been so bad. But every time I look at the scarf, I think about that dang hat!

Fast forward to last week, and I managed to misplace a shawl. Not just any shawl, the one I made out of the leftover stash bits, which I blogged about. The shawl that I wore every couple of days this winter. The shawl around which I crafted a sermon on the lessons of knitting and applied them to ministry. This shawl:

It’s been gone more than a week now, and I’ve tried to not make a big deal about this. I’ve searched here at the church, but it hasn’t appeared in any normal locations. The one location off-site was a taqueria that is down the street, but it wasn’t open on the weekend when I could check, and today I realized that it has shut down completely.

Keeping perspective: this is a first-world problem. It’s not the need for the item to keep me warm – I have plenty of shawls.

But within the shawl were memories of other projects that I have given away, and this shawl was keeping them alive. It makes me sad that I might never see it again.

So, knitters, have you had an item go MIA?