Number 3

As I’ve mentioned, I’m in the middle of knitting 3 sweaters – and it looks like they will all be small-gauge ones. The Sara Lace Cardigan 2.0 was at a sport-weight gauge in fingering yarn. The current one, the Fancy Cardigan, is the same deal, with lot’s of face (what was I thinking? the recipient needs a summer-weight loose sweater). And now I’ve decided on the third sweater pattern and yarn (in consultation with the intended recipient), and at least for this one, it should be a faster knit with a DK weight yarn at a worsted/aran gauge. The pattern is Savanna by Sheilie Anderson:


It’s a lovely simple clean-lines pattern. The intended yarn was pricey – it would cost over $140 just to knit a short-sleeve sweater, which is not the budget I had in mind. Fortunately, WEBS is having their anniversary sale, and I was able to snag some Hempathy at a good price, so all is well.

The yarn came in about 3 days, and since I am still working on the second sweater, I may swatch, but that’ll be it until this second one is done.

Last Saturday was the National LYS day, and I decided to go to a store that I had visited once before and really enjoyed, A Yarn Less Raveled. I wore my new sweater:

This was a field trip, and it was a lot of fun. Mindy has a great store and staff! Because my yarn stash overfloweth, I didn’t buy any yarn, but I did get some goodies:

I had been eyeing the knitter’s Pride pin blocks for a while, so I got a set of them, and also the Alterknit Stitch Dictionary – the color knitting boom right now makes this a great addition to my stitch dictionary library, and I already used one of the sheep patterns on a charity hat:

So fun! I’m also doing other hats in my leftover stash, and will soon have a bag to either give to my friend for the hospital, or take myself!