I found out from a knitting friend that our local hospital loves to get knitted things for infants and children. Love this! So I’m going through my scraps to make cute hats. These are out of a lovely very washer-friendly yarn: DY Choice in the Baby Joy DK. The two colorways have speckles!

All three had pompoms as you can see in the bottom photo, until I washed them and one came out. Didn’t have enough yarn to re do, so I improvised something fun, because a baby hat without a fun topper seems naked to me.

Here’s what I did: using a knitting needle and crochet hook, I did a provisional cast-on (crochet method) of about 25 Stitches. Put down the hook (or not) and then conventionally bind off all the stitches with either the hook or another knitting needle, leaving a long tail. Knot the resulting length about three times, then take the two tails, thread a darning needle and poke through the top of the hat and secure the ends. Voila!

Time to find more yarn scraps to knit!