With the major gift-knitting season behind me, I’m feeling the gratification of knitting for those in my life who are “knitworthy” – which for me means one is appreciative of hand-knitted things.

This year, there were several appreciative responses to my knitting. I made dishcloths for all of the staff, and one of them came into my office, and he said, “You made this, didn’t you?!” Why yes I did.

Others provide responses without words. My cousin Allison immediately put on the cowl that I had knit for her. Another friend wore the shawl I made her to her father’s memorial service.

Sometimes friends respond with their own handmade gifts – some brave ones will knit for me (I can be intimidating with that, I know), others give me homemade jellies and jam, and this Christmas, a colleague gave me her homemade cards with special photos from her trips around the world.

Other times, it’s a small note that makes your day. Another friend, Curtiss, always sends me a note after getting his hand-knit pair of socks, which have become an annual Christmas present for him. Emails, etc. work as well, and of course, the actual photos are really appreciated. My friend Nhien sent this:

Here’s another example. My friends Wil and Aimee loved the hats I made them:


The striped hat is a basic beanie with some ribbing and a pom-pom. The one on the right is Koolhaas by Jared Flood – knit in Shelter from his yarn line Brooklyn Tweed.

When I visited them, we had a great time and they took me to visit local sites, like this;


[After we saw this, we took a horribly described walk that should have been flat walking for a couple of reasons: for me, my leg was giving me issues some after spraining my ankle a few weeks before, for their dog ET, who is blind and has a bad hip. Let’s just say it was a tragically funny  kind of experience. We now have a code phrase “it’s an easy walk.”]

Wil admired my hand knit socks, so we chatted about how wonderful handmade socks are (because they are amazing!). Will has worn his hat pretty much about every day (I can’t believe I don’t have a photo of that!), but he had mentioned that socks sounded pretty interesting to him, I sent him a gift note, saying that I could make him either a hat or socks, depending on what he wants. Aimee says that he’s all excited about thinking about the options. I await his response!

In the meantime, Aimee sent along a photo of her wearing the fingerless mittens (the pattern is Dendritic, a free pattern on Knitty):

See, this is how you remain knitworthy – it is a positive reinforcement kind of thing.

So, what kinds of responses have you appreciated when you gave something you made?

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