FOs: Colorwash Scarf, and an Item of My Own Devising

Yesterday was a day of finishing some items that have been on the needles for a while – and it felt very good!

First-up: the Colorwash Scarf

This was a super simple pattern of basic lace with changing of yarns every couple of rows. It grows and grows, and midway through it I realized that I am drowning in beautiful shawls – so this should be a gift. One of my staff is always wearing shawls and oversize scarves, and she just graduated so viola! I made it bigger than the pattern because my staffer is tall, and short doesn’t work:

The colors worked really well! Project details here.

I also managed to finish the shell I had been working on – remember that I used some cheap cone yarn – linen and cotton – from Colourmart – that you have to wash either before or after you knit it.

In this case, I knit it with the oils in, and then threw into the washer in warm water. This pattern follows a version I did before and liked. All in all, it came out well – although I’d put in a small gusset at each of the underarms that I did for the first version, and didn’t for this one:

I wore it today – it’s a tad tighter than I want (but I need to drop some pounds, so that works out), but a great fiber choice for summer!

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