Little knitting occurred

Over Memorial Weekend we had a family wedding. It was above San Francisco, in Lake County, with a farm theme. This was the bride’s side of women in the family:

That evening, there was much steaming of the lovely wedding gown by the bride’s sister:


The couple was lovely, and many warm wishes given on a stunning spring-like day:

Surprisingly little knitting occurred in the last couple of weeks. There was much running around for the wedding, and since then, there’s been a lot going on in clergy-land. This past week has been busy – I was out three evenings in a row, and plenty happening during the day as well. Determined to keep up the knitting, I managed to bring along my knitting bag:

Isn’t it cute? One my clergy colleagues, Bill L., who is a maker and will learn anything, decided to make a bunch of these for friends one Christmas, and I was lucky enough to get one – it’s even lined!

Unfortunately, although I brought the bag in the car each day, and took it to various functions, no knitting occurred. Today I have some time, and tomorrow I have a mandatory class I have to take, and yes, there will be knitting.

There has been some sewing up though. I am finishing up my summer top, which is looking pretty good:

I just need to do some simple crochet along the edges, weave in ends, and reblock to be able to wear it!