33 years

Warning: not much knitting content.

I am not a luddite. I own a Macbook laptop, iPad, iPod and an iPhone. I listen to podcasts, have Bluetooth, blah, blah, blah.

But around pieces of technology, I tend to be conservative – my cars and my TV. I’ve only bought two cars, and inherit one.

With TV, it’s even worse. When it comes to them,  I have been absolutely Neanderthal a little behind the times. At first it was because I really don’t care about TV all that much. I was fairly happy with what I had.

Then, as the options for TVs seemed to multiply, well, I just didn’t want to spend all that time to figure out what kind to get. Plasma this, HDMI inputs, the TVs got smart, while I still remained dumb, like my 1984 Hitachi solid state TV.

No, that’s not a typo. I own my first and only TV, and it is 33 years old. And it still works! The picture is just fine – those Japanese factories really knew how to build something to last. It’s been ok until finally I realized that I wasn’t seeing everything on the screen, and that my TV couldn’t get hooked up to Netflix and things like that.

It hasn’t hurt that at work we got a new TV for classes, and I realized that these smart TVs aren’t all that complicated to figure out. Then there was the kind elder on my church board who took pity on me and printed out a bunch of TV recommendations from Consumer Reports.

This weekend I did my taxes and I managed to get a good enough refund to easily decide that it was time. I went to the the Big Box store and had a great salesperson (Thanks, Carlos!) who thought the fact that I had a TV older than him was merely amusing. He didn’t oversell me anything, and even got the TV to my car.

O Brave New World! (This is a scene from The Crown – on Netflix – so beautiful in HD!)

Now I have to find the right table/stand for things, and move out the old bulky entertainment center.


The brioche scarf is done! Well, except for weaving in a couple of ends and mending the mistakes. I’m not sure whether I should block it – apparently that can make it really flatten out.

And the new yarn arrived, just in time! I don’t think I mentioned the name of the color way. The name comes from Downton Abbey – Lavinia Swire, who was a rather plain Jane and died in the flu epidemic after  World War I.

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