Last summer, I helped to lead a yarn crawl over to the East Bay Area with some local knitter friends. We had a good day!

One of the projects that I saw on my trip was a beautiful shawl called Autumn Fusion.


and for a change, I wanted to knit exactly the same colors – I wanted to knit the store sample, just as it was. Just my colors, and perfect as a summer shawlette, it’s bright and fun! Ann, who was along on the crawl helped me take a photo of the shawl – and shows why her hand should be in the photo and not mine:


On the day of the crawl, I was able to snag the varigated yarn, Lunapurl yarn “Binary Star System” in a 75/25 blen of BFL wool and nylon, but the other yarn from Canon Hand Dyer was out.

For a time, I was thinking of making something else with this yarn – lot’s of folks have made cute socks, for example, but I never found anything that I wanted more than the shawl. Then, I tried to find something else to go with the Lunapurl yarn, and even bought some lovely Anzula yarn, but it didn’t really go.

So, this last week I went on the Canon Hand Dye Etsy site, and bought the yarn in the correct colorway. I was fearful it might take weeks to come, but yesterday I got the email saying it had shipped. I’m all ready to start!


Brioche Update:

The scarf continues apace. It’s getting boring to knit, by which I mean that I am making fewer mistakes, I don’t need the chart, and I can fix the mistakes that I am making. I’ve finished 7 repeats of the total of 10 that I plan for this – so I should be finished knitting this about the time that my yarn for the shawl comes!


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