It Gets Worse, Then It Gets Better

The learning curve on the brioche stitch continues. I was cruising along, feeling like I had figured things out, and then I decided to count my stitches, and realized that a bunch of rows back, I had missed a double increase stitch. So I went ripping back. Then I knitted some more and discovered another big mistake, and ripped things back, although less this time. I knit some more, and then had to rip out two rows. Progress was a little slow last night.

So it goes. I’m realizing that I have to stop and look at things about every 4-8 rows to see if I’m on track, because my ability to transfer what the chart says to my needles and yarn is not so good.

But then things changed, for the better too! On this last repeat, I began to follow the pattern without checking the chart so much. I’m learning to read the knitting and understand the overall logic. Overall, I have about one mistake-I’m-not-going-to-fix per full repeat, and for this project that’s ok.

Lesson: it gets worse, and then it gets better.


Whew! Four repeats done, about 22″ long.

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