A Knitting Challenge

The theme for our Sheeper Than Therapy knitting guild in 2017 is Challenge. Each month we are working to build a new for many of us, so that by the end of the year we will be stronger knitters.

I’ve decided to take on a knitting challenge for myself now: two-color brioche knitting with lot’s of shapes:

I’ve got all the supplies: the book, the knitted chart blown up on my copier, and hand-dyed yarn from my fall trip to France:

It turns out that the charts consist of almost completely new-to-me symbols for the brioche stitches! So that is going to be interesting.

My thought is to do this more simple chart in some yarn to get the hang of the stitches, and then move onto the big project.


I finished a couple of more hats for the Operation Gratitude project that the guild is working on (yet to be washed). We’ve already got more than 20 hats done. We hope to have anywhere from 200-500 hats completed by the end of the year.

I also finished a bunch more Knitted Knockers, ready to take to the yarn shop:

Finally , a photo of the Tilt Shift Wrap (Ravelry project page):


Many thanks to Ann B, who took it for me at our guild meeting on Saturday.


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I took a beginning brioche class with JC Briar at Madrona a couple weeks ago. Fun! I get the concept, but when increases and decreases were introduced, I had to think a lot harder. Still, I’m looking forward to trying JC’s scarf pattern that she included in her handout. I don’t know that I’ll knit an entire scarf, but I’d like to make sure I can reproduce the stitch pattern!

Your Tilt Shift looks great. I love the way the lighter stripes undulate so nicely; they really show up well.

Michelle, Thanks for your comments on the Tilt Shift Wrap. When I started it at the retreat, I was not sure I liked how it looked – I had to go with the stripes because my skeins were so different! I’m glad I “persisted” — we’re hoping to get a photo of those of us who’ve finished them at our next guild meeting.
The brioche is better now that I’ve been practicing. Glad I started with something a bit simpler – I had done straight brioche before, but the charting/shaping is a learning curve for me!

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