FO: Painted Windows Shawl

Back at Vogue Knitting Live! I bought exactly one skein of yarn by Yarn Love called Marie Antoinette. The colorway is called Unicorn Poop. For whatever reason, the bright colors with a bit of sparkle were what I needed:


But figuring out how to use this yarn was a little harder. There is SO MUCH going on with this yarn that I wondered how I would use it. And then a pattern seemingly designed just for this Las-Vegas-inspired yarn popped up on Ravelry called Painted Windows. It uses a neutral base color with a brightly-multicolor yarn to maximum effect. So I went to one of the two local yarn stores here in Fresno and found a very neutral sock yarn to pair with it. I’m loving how it came out:




I really like this one, and since I used less than 1/2 the Marie Antoinette skein in the shawl, I can give one away and make another!

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