Done, Not Done

Here we are on Christmas Eve, eve! Wheee, by now, most pastors are scurrying around to make sure there are enough people to hand out candles, light candles, serve communion, read scriptures. Christmas Eve services – not done!

What is done is all the knitting for Christmas! Yes, I have finished, even the presents I wasn’t sure that I would tackle because of time and energy.

The lovely scarf/shawl that went into time-out because of a yarn shortage came out beautifully. This is Osebury Rock, part of Ysolda’s shawl club 2015. The pattern says that you can knot the fringe, but I think it looks fine as is (I have trimmed it since I took the photo).


The felted balls were done on Saturday in a frenzy of washer stuff:


So easy, so valued by the recipients! No knitting involved.

Some more cat toys were knitted and enjoyed (see the green blob?):


And for a very special cat, a lovely cat bed:

image image

This cat bed pattern is from Kitty Knits by Donna Druchunas. The knitting is simple intermediate knitting – knit a big 10-inch tube, knit a hat top, then knit another one. But there’s  batting to buy (not an easy thing to do with a cane at Joann’s), to cut and to stuff. It’s not perfectly stuffed, but I’m not undoing anything for a cat present. Pretty happy with it, actually! I might knit a bigger version for my cats.

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