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It Takes One to Know One

In my current congregation, there is a couple – he a Rev (Paul), she a quilter (Ursula) and an amazing fiber artist – who I am glad to get to know!

They stopped by this week to give (unexpected) gifts, and they are lovely. First up, a lovely throw with the building of my seminary, San Francisco Theological Seminary, woven into the fabric. The Rev (Paul) was on a fundraising committee for my seminary a number of years ago, and he got his as a thank you – but since he didn’t attend the seminary, it’s been in a closet. Usually I don’t like branded stuff, but this is well done, and features lovely historical buildings of the campus. My friends from seminary will recognize the buildings.

image image









But that’s not all (as they used to say in game-show-land! Ursula also made me a bag – something that crafters always need~


The lovely thing about this bag is that the designer created this free pattern for sewers to use, on the honor system, that they not be sold – only given away. Ursula, of course, was using up some of her stash to make this, just like any good crafter will! My crafting eye quickly saw a couple of lovely details:


The handles are reinforced where they meet the bag (for strength), and those are french seams – a couple of lovely fine-sewing details to what appears to be a simple project.

Lovely gifts from a crafty and her spouse to another crafter!

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