Peak Dishcloth

There comes a point when one has to say, ok, that’s enough on addictive knitting. Of course I am way past that Maybe I’m there.


I think I might have reached that point, but maybe not, maybe I’m just at peak dishcloth.

Fortunately, other lovelies are competing for my attention. The latest installment of the Ysolda 2015 Shawl Club came earlier this month, and the yarns are sublime as usual:


Polwarth/merino wool blend, softly spun in both natural and yummy dyed mini-skeins of 25 grams each, appropriately named Squidge. Even Brandy can’t let them alone:


But now they are all mine for this lovely scarf/shawl:


But I am itching to knit, I don’t know, something else. Please God, Not a dishcloth.

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Ready to switch from addictive dishcloths to addictive pompoms? Check out Kristin Nichols’ pompom garland. Granted I haven’t watched the 11 min podcast, but the picture on her blog is enticing me to start pompoms for the Christmas tree or something else pompoms could spice up. Scroll down to the bottom of her Oct 25 post to watch.

OK…looks like you’ll have to copy/paste. Enjoy!

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