Christmas is Coming (get busy knitting)

We’re at that point in the year when knitters either breathe easy or start scrambling madly through their stashes of yarn and patterns.

For me this year, well, it’s a mixed bag, to be honest. My usual schedule of knitting in July and August for Christmas was disrupted by having just moved (even though the stash was one of the first things unpacked) and doing two trainings. Then I made all those necklaces for the worthy Presbyterian Women’s Boutique but not a gift for anyone. And then those Knitted Knockers were fun, but again, not gifts for people I know.

Some gift knitting has occurred with participation in a shawl club by Ysolda and me just wanting to knit shawls (hint: if you are female and on my gift list, be warned). In the past week, I pulled out my copy of Dishcloth Diva, and made a bunch of them:


So quick, each one is like a swatch, and a couple of the patterns would make lovely scarves. The circular ones are a free pattern called Citrus Slice, a fun change!

And there are a couple of guys getting socks for Christmas:









Well, I guess I still have half a sock to go there. Which is all good. But even so, I’m finding with having to cancel a trip to England this month (I know!) because of a health issue I couldn’t resolve in time, my plan of buying fun things in England for Christmas got thwarted. So now I’m digging in the stash to see what might get done in the next month or so, because when you are at a larger church in December, things get busy and the knitting some

Fortunately, today I paired this lovely Freia lace yarn with the Linken shawl pattern (rav link), and most of it is pretty mindless knitting, so I should be able to finish that in a bit.


Aside from the knitting there’s the Limoncello from last winter waiting to be finished up – hey, more Christmas gifts in process. Whew!