Moving Experience

This blog has been pretty quiet lately – partly because of a transition I’m going through. But first, let’s review the knitting, shall we?

I went to Vogue Knitting Live! in Pasadena, CA. I partly wonder whether they should have taken off the exclamation point, because, let’s face it, New York is the big, fun, drama show, and Pasadena is a sleepy-ish town. I grew up around the corner, and while there is a lot more to offer than when I lived there, it is still a suburb of LA. But I have friends down there, and it was an excuse to go – and I did have a lovely time. See?IMG_0611








I’ve been knitting too, but mostly socks:

IMG_0646 IMG_1728 IMG_0651 FullSizeRender 9

because my mental capacity is getting pretty tapped out – because I have a new job and I am moving.

It’s been a while since I’ve moved from an area – 13 years to be exact, although goodness knows I have been through a LOT of other changes through the years. This is a good move, for both push and pull reasons.

The push reasons have to do with living in the SF Bay Area. You might have noticed that the housing prices here are among the highest in the country, and basically, as a renter, I am getting priced out. As in, a 25% rent increase a couple of months ago. I was already looking for my next job out of the area, and that just confirmed it. It’s simply getting unaffordable for those of us who earn a living, and don’t already own a place. Sad, but that is the reality a lot of folks here are facing.

But there is a pull reason too – there is a bigger world out there, maybe not with the cache of Bay Area, but with their own attractions and fun. I’m an adaptable gal and with my traveling work, I can travel for the next few years before retirement. And I am going to a wonderful congregation, University Presbyterian Church in Fresno, CA. They have a vineyard across the street from the church, so I guess I’m in wine country. These folks are fun, smart, and we’ll be doing some great work together. They are the pull to Fresno!

There is a lot of work in moving, and a lot of it, for me, this time, is in the saying goodbye to many different communities – the wonderful community of faith that I worked with for most of the last two years – First UMC Vallejo, to the YMCA, where I taught water fitness for the last 7 years, to my fiber friends and Bluebird Yarn and Fiber, where I taught knitting off and on. Plus that lovely network of friends that gets created over time and becomes a source of one’s life and joy without noticing it. I have been truly blessed in these years. Fortunately, I am close enough to visit on the weekend, should I desire it!

So, I doubt I’ll be posting much this month, but hopefully in June I’ll be on the other side of the move and ready to share my fiber adventures in a new place.