Hearty Yarn

I seem to be in love with yarn that has a bite or crunch to it. Recently, I spun up some more of Benny Fibers Targhee wool in two natural colors:


and while I was away in New Mexico,IMG_0462


I finished up a beret by Woolly Wormhead called Symetrie in the two colors.  I’m kinda amazed I did any knitting at all with this landscape all around. It really lends itself to gradient, variegated and striped yarns. Here’s the pre-blocked hat:


During blocking in the high desert:


And post-blocking:


(rav project page).

And then a lovely pattern from Ysolda showed up in my library and soon after a package at my door with a lovely British wool/alpaca yarn specifically spun for Ysolda’s shawl club this year. If I had that card with me I could tell you exactly what breed of sheep they are (aren’t they cute!).


It’s woolen spun, which is lovely for a shawl because it is so light and warm. The first pattern is Stac Shoaigh, which is only available to club members at the moment.

Both of these are neither completely smooth and soft, but I am so appreciative of the specific breeds of wool and what they bring to the table. Bring on the hearty wool!

By the way, I will be at Stitches West tomorrow. Ping me on Twitter if you’re there and like to meet up. I’m at @reneerico!

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